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A wellpoint dewatering system is the most versatile form of dewatering, capable of dealing with a wide variety of ground conditions from very silty fine sands to coarse sands and gravel.

The wellpoints are usually installed using a steel jetting tube and a high-pressure pump. The two combined are a rapid and cost effective method of installing disposable wellpoints, producing a filtered system preventing the loss of fines from the ground and clean discharged water. By increasing the diameter of the jetting tube the vertical drainage path is increased which helps to deal with stratified ground conditions where thin layers of silt or clay can otherwise slow or prevent the drawdown.

A single stage wellpoint system can achieve a drawdown approaching 6m. For deeper excavations a second stage can be installed or alternatively a deep well system employed..

We have a fleet of high efficiency wellpointing piston pumps with diesel or electric motor drive. The 180 litre fuel tank inside the fully bunded canopy enables the pump to run continuously for up to a week without refuelling. The piston pumps give exceptional fuel economy of less than 1.5 litres per hour at full load and low noise level of 49 dBA at 10m making them ideal for use in noise sensitive areas.

Dewatering in Oxfordshire
Dewatering Project for Oxford

Wellpoint System in Oxford