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Case Study

Crag End


Volker Stevin


Crag End Land Slip

Dewatering System
  • Pumped Wells
  • Passive Releif Wells

Winner of the 2016 Flemming Award and the ICE North East’s Robert Stephenson Award.

The Crag End Landslip project comprises the reconstruction of a 300m section of road near Rothbury for Northumberland County Council. The B6344 road was closed in December 2012 following a landslip, causing dramatic socio-economic impacts and major inconvenience to residents.

Building The Bullring Birmingham

Crag End, Newcastle

The Result

Dewatering Services Ltd was contracted by VBA to install what was described as an “innovative dewatering system” comprising of both pumped wells and passive relief wells to reduce the groundwater pressure both for the construction phase as well as the long term.